Hebron Historical and Art Society
606 Lincoln Avenue, Hebron, ND
Open Most Holidays and by Appointment

President, Mr. Jack Hauser
Vice President, Mr. Ken Johnson

The Hebron Historical and Art Society was formed in 1979 and the first articles of incorporation were filed with the Secretary of State of North Dakota on October 29, 1979.

It was formed to serve and document the history of our local communities, counties, and state. In the future,  its purpose is to serve as a depository for memorabilia and documents.  To date the museum has over 2000 artifacts and displays.

An item of interest at the museum is the 1929 Model A Ford Snowmobile used by the rural mail carrier. The unit traveled thousands of miles over tactically any depth of snow in the Hebron area.

The building below to the right housed the first museum.  It is made of rock and is on Park Street in front of the present buildings, and It is still a part of the museum.  In 1892 it was one of the first homes in Hebron, and it replicated a pioneer house of the era.

In 1990 the Society constructed the metal building to house the museum, and it is connected to the pioneer house.  A portion of the building also houses the Hebron Public Library.  Please click on the link below to see pictures of the inside of the museum.
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New Metal Building
Pioneer House
Model A Snowmobile